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Where It All Started

Living in London, England, Dundee Butcher worked at a high-end florist in her neighborhood. She was always fascinated by the beauty of floral design, yet became disheartened by the enormous amount of unnecessary waste created by floral foam used in arrangements, which all went to landfill.

After moving to California, a friend introduced her to a young polymer student pursuing his PhD at the University of Minnesota. He introduced her to Professor Marc Hillmyer, Director of the National Science Foundation Center for Sustainable Polymers. BKB Floral, LLC was formed (later BKB Floral Foam, Inc.) to enter into a research agreement with the Center for Sustainable Polymers. The team developed a prototype for a completely new floral foam made from plants.

In Spring 2022, patents were granted for the new foam technology developed at the University. Later that year, BKB went on to win the 2022 MN Cup (a competition of nearly 2,600 early-stage companies in Minnesota) for its development of a compostable and non-toxic foam that the company believes will become the sustainable choice of florists around the world.

In May 2023, BKB changed its name to Phoam Labs, Inc. as it recognized the potential for its foams to be used in wider applications, including opportunities in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), where the same sustainability issues are being encountered as in the floral industry.

We are deeply committed to creating a fully sustainable product lifecycle from raw materials to processing to disposal.

Our Award Winning Team

We are a purpose-led company rooted in sustainability with a mission that is bigger than ourselves.

Dundee Butcher

Co-founder, CEO and Director

Ian Butcher

Chairman and Director

David Goldfeld, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Sam Waring

Chief Financial Officer

John Parnell


Phillip Schultz

Manufacturing and R&D Engineer

Duncan McCabe

Head of Social Media

Taekjun Kim

Assistant Research Scientist

Professor Marc Hillmyer


Tara Poseley


Helen Dyson


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