Sustainability Frequently Asked Questions

Phoam Labs Floral Foam is designed to be as sustainable as possible from beginning to end. The word “sustainable” means different things to different people, so we are here to answer questions about what sustainability means for us and how our product fits into that ideal.

Does Phoam Labs floral foam come from a sustainable source?
What are the sustainability concerns of making a product from corn?
Are there more sustainable sources of raw material?
What is compost?
Is recycling or composting better for the environment?
What actually happens when my waste is composted?
How long does composting take?
Do all composters do the same compost process?
What is home composting?
Is home composting the same as industrial composting?
Is Phoam Labs floral foam industrially compostable?
Is Phoam Labs floral foam home compostable?
Where can I send my industrial compost waste?
Which compost bin should I use to properly dispose of Phoam Labs Floral Foam?
I heard PLA is not compostable, so how is Phoam Labs floral foam compostable?
Will Phoam Labs floral foam lead to non-compostable materials entering the organics waste stream?
Where can I learn more about composting?
Does Phoam Labs Floral Foam contain any "forever" chemicals?
I have other questions about Phoam Labs product sustainability – is there a place I can learn more?