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Floral Foam

By replacing traditional foam materials with a compostable polylactide (PLA) foam, Phoam Labs' patented floral foam bricks are bringing a non-toxic, renewable and fully functional option to the floral industry.

Designed to be used as both a wet and dry foam.



Made from renewable plant materials.



No harmful chemicals.



Breaks down into environmentally friendly components.

About Our Product

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Why Choose Phoam Labs?

Safe For Designers

Phoam Labs’ floral foam generates no micro-plastics and contains no harmful chemicals for our employees, users, and the environment. Switching to our floral foam means using a PLA product, which is derived from corn and totally renewable within a 12-month cycle.

Less Waste

Our products have been engineered to be compostable - made from nature, they are engineered to degrade and return to nature - to reduce the unnecessary waste in the floral industry.

Phoam Labs' brick with plants in it

Highly Functional

Our floral foam is designed to be as functional as any other foam - there will be no sacrificing function for sustainability.

What Florists
Are Saying

Our industry has been waiting over 20 years for this change. Using a compostable foam means that we’ll be able to design without limitation while also reducing our impact on the environment.

Gemma K., Operations Director, Moyses Stevens

London, UK

We saw you won the MN Cup are interested in learning more about your product. What an amazing solution!

Laura A., Senior Buyer, Bachman's

Minneapolis, USA

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