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A Change of Scenery!

October 20, 2023


Dundee Butcher

After spending many years in flower schools, flower shops and gardens I now find myself spending more time in science labs and manufacturing facilities! Back in 2010, I was working in a very busy London florist workroom where we were exposed to a huge amount of traditional floral foam. It was awful to dispose of and terrible for the environment.

In 2014, I met our current CTO, David Goldfeld, as he was preparing to get his Ph.D. from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Minnesota. We discussed the possibility of creating an alternative to the toxic traditional foam on the market. He took the idea to Professor Marc Hillmyer, the director of the NSF Center for Sustainable Polymers at the University of Minnesota. Professor Hillmyer agreed to take this project on with David and his team. By 2022, we had developed a viable prototype and had secured extensive patents in both the US and Europe.

As the founder I took on the role of CEO of Phoam Labs. This new role and development of a new compostable foam has taken me on an incredible journey. I am surrounded by hugely talented polymer scientists, engineers, and researchers - just to name a few.

We are fortunate to have an amazing team of experts at Phoam Labs as well as scientific and business advisors from around the world and excellent suppliers. We are diligently working together to get our compostable foam into the market to replace phenolic foam.

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