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Controlled Environment Agriculture

October 9, 2023


Dundee Butcher

Phoam Labs announces funding for an exciting new research project with the University of Minnesota’s Department of Horticultural Science. Dr Nate Eylands will lead the research. He recently joined the University after receiving his Ph.D. from Cornell University where his dissertation explored anatomical, physiological, and photomorphogenic responses of lettuce and basil to far-red radiation under sole-source lighting.  

Dr. Eylands also spent several years as an operations manager for a hydroponic leafy greens facility. His industry experience gives him understanding of the plights facing Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) growers, large and small. Nate’s background and continued interest in the effects of climate change on the agriculture industry will help Phoam Labs fine tune our foam as a substrate for the indoor growing market.

The University of Minnesota’s research led to the development of our compostable floral foam which has gained huge interest from around the world and extensive patent protection in both the US and Europe.

Compostable foam is the future!

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