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It’s All Over for This Year…

February 27, 2024


Dundee Butcher

But I am certain that no one who took part in Madrid Blooms will forget the magnificent education, collaboration and creativity that happened Feb 20th–22nd.

Phoam Labs was honored to open the event with a talk on the importance of working together to design creatively but without a cost to our environment. Florists all want to work with nature, for nature but they need new substrates, mechanics and tools to help them do this efficiently and effectively.

There has been too much shame and blame in the industry and not enough focus on better solutions. Florists who continue to use traditional floral foam as a substrate need to be educated on the extreme cost to the environment and given more planet friendly options.

Our mission at Phoam Labs is to provide a compostable alternative to the traditional foam, which is a single use plastic made from oil and ends up as micro plastics in our oceans and soil, where It then can enter our food chain. One block of phenolic foam contains the same amount of plastic as 10 plastic bags.

There was much excitement around Phoam among all at Madrid Blooms. Several of the designers used Phoam in their large installations and loved it! Holly Chappell, one of the leading floral designers in the US was one of these. Her comment, when her installation was complete, “this Phoam is going to have a significant impact on our profession.”

Sylvia Bustamonte and her Madrid Flower School team organized a most important event — where industry leaders and next-generation florists collaborated with hope and excitement that the world of floristry will continue to delight and beautify, while maintaining a healthy relationship with our planet.

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