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Phoam Labs CEO to Speak at Inaugural Madrid Blooms Congress

February 6, 2024


Dundee Butcher

In partnership with Madrid Flower School and Design week Madrid, Sylvia Bustamonte has invited eight of the world's top florists and 50 (very lucky!) students to participate in the first Madrid Blooms. February 20th – 24th will be a special opportunity to learn from the best with a focus on designing with the planet in mind. Dundee Butcher, co-founder of PhoamLabs, has been invited to open Madrid Blooms with a talk and demonstration, supporting the sustainable movement in floristry.

The teachers at Madrid Blooms include an exciting group of designers:

Lucia Milan from San Paulo, Brazil started her flower career 25 years ago with her mother. She has now forged a solo career with one maxim: sustainability.

Holly Chappel uses an endless array of flower stems, with an exquisite variety that she now grows on her Hope Farm in Virginia, USA.

Alejandra Romero from Grenada, Spain has fused floral art with emotion since 2017, highlighting the beauty of the imperfect.

Milena Orlandi adds her special talent as a photographer to teaching floristry at Madrid Flower School.

Frida Kim from Seoul, South Korea is recognized as one of the leading designers in London, telling the stories that flowers carry between their petals.

Ines Urquijo comes with a particular love of the wild forest and her designs steer clear of anything with a hint of order.

Louise Worner teaches floristry in Brussels, Belgium. She works with artists and performs installations, in their quest to integrate traditional Japanese art in various artistic domains.

Nicolette Owen hails from New York, USA bringing her mastery of textures, color and her devotion to Flemish still lifes.

Phoam Labs, with a research and development center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has developed and patented a compostable floral foam. We have been trialing our Phoam with florists internationally and now are focused on bringing this sustainable alternative to conventional floral foam into commercial production.

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