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Changing the floral industry one foam brick at a time

April 4, 2023


Dundee Butcher

Recently a new film came out called Plastic Earth. It is available on several streaming platforms. The team at Phoam Labs feel that the timing of this release and the content of the film is very relevant to the launch of our new foams. The film shows the huge negative impact that single use plastics and the release of micro plastics are having on our environment; both on the land and the oceans. And of course, to humankind as we inevitably absorb plastics into our bodies.

The film does however also have a positive side. It shows the huge amount of effort taking place in many parts of the world into the elimination of these toxic materials and the clean-up of plastic waste.

The floral industry and consumers have been aware of the unsustainable and environmentally harmful nature of floral foams for twenty years or so.

There is a huge movement to eliminate these foams conducted on social media. In the last two years the Royal Horticultural Society in England, the premier horticultural society in the world, has banned the use of existing floral foam products from any shows it is associated with, including the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.

Phoam Labs will play a critical role in changing this aspect of the floral industry, as the industry itself is committing itself to work more sustainably. We believe we will also have an opportunity to play a similar role in the hydroponics/indoor growing industry where in many cases they use as growing substrates materials that are used in the floral industry, including foams, rock-wool, and coconut coir. Another substrate which is heavily used is peat moss, very controversial as it is a declining resource and its harvesting releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Its use was banned in Ireland in 2018, will be banned in the UK for gardeners in 2024 and for commercial growers by 2030.

Our commitment is to be a zero-waste company, initially focused on developing sustainable products that will play key roles in the floral and hydroponics industries. At the right time we will also be looking for additional applications that this unique technology can be profitably deployed in.

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