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Sustainability at Phoam Labs

September 29, 2023


David Goldfeld

Phoam Labs is committed to sustainability in every aspect of what we do. That spans from our raw materials to our processes to the end-of-life of our product. What do we mean by sustainability?

Our first goal is to join the movement away from fossil fuels by building our products around bio-based materials. The principal component of our foams is poly(lactide), a bio-based material renewably produced from corn. All of the carbon in our base material is captured from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, turned into sugar, and then eventually makes it into our foams.

The second objective for our company is to reduce our environmental impact as much as we can during the processing and manufacturing steps. One of the biggest innovations is switching our processing gas from the traditional hydrocarbon gases (such as butane) to using sustainably sourced carbon dioxide. Our carbon dioxide is captured during the fermentation of sugar to produce ethanol as a biofuel. We make use of that carbon dioxide a second time during our manufacturing process to expand our foam. Carbon dioxide is nontoxic to our employees and nonflammable, making it a much safer gas to use than what traditional foam producers work with.

Besides our use of carbon dioxide, we are also using a manufacturing process that allows us to reuse foam scraps to produce more foams. Every foam on the market has some scrap produced during production, and traditional foamers throw that scrap material in the dumpster. Every traditional brick of floral foam you use has an invisible cost (invisible to you) in the form of excess material that is sent to landfill long before you ever use it. Phoam Labs is committed to reusing as many foam scraps as we can collect during the manufacturing process–reducing production waste to the bare minimum.

The final component of our sustainability commitment is producing products with an environmentally friendly end-of-life. That means no microplastics in our oceans and our soils. No toxic exposure to our employees, our customers, or their pets, children, or community. No permanent buildup of waste that will never break down. Phoam Labs products are safe to handle, easy to use, and when it does come time to dispose of, are thrown right into your compost alongside food and plant waste, degrading all the way to water and carbon dioxide in a matter of months.

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