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Sustainability "Rains" in Seattle

January 30, 2024


Dundee Butcher

If you have any doubt that the sustainability movement in floristry is not in full swing just make a visit to Seattle!

As the co founder of PhoamLabs, I had the honor of speaking to the Seattle Garden Club, a part of Garden Club of America a few weeks ago. These women are extremely knowledgeable, aware and passionate about flower design and the importance of designing with the planet in mind. After giving a 45 minute presentation the group asked MANY great questions. We discussed compostability concerns; the details of industrial composting vs home composting, talked about issues surrounding coconut coir, rock wool and peat moss as a substrate, the pluses of being able to reuse Phoam and how the introduction of new mechanics could challenge the way florists design in future.

Lastly I did a quick demonstration with Phoam in a vase using stems from spray roses to sanguisorba… even a few tulips made their way in! All in all a terrific time with a wonderful group of forward thinking flower designers and gardeners.

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