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The Flower Podcast: Paving the Future with Phoam Labs

April 29, 2024


Phoam Labs

On April 23rd Scott Shepherd, aka CutFlower Scott, released an interview with Phoam Labs' CEO, Dundee Butcher, on The Flower Podcast.  Each week Scott interviews a featured guest to share their knowledge, passion, and love of flowers.  Dundee was thrilled to share the story behind Phoam Labs and the journey to develop a biobased, nontoxic, and compostable floral foam.  Thank you, Scott, for hosting!

You can find the recording directly on The Flower Podcast website or on Spotify.

For more information about Scott and The Flower Podcast please visit and subscribe to The Flower Podcast on YouTube for access to Zoom chats, tutorials, Live’s, and video extras.

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